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In the US, the jobs for teacher assistants or tutors are expected to increase by 8% from 2016 to 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the roles may vary, tutors are also responsible for maintaining records of student’s progress, implementing intervention strategies, developing training materials, evaluating student’s progress, administering academic assignments, maintaining an orderly workspace, and promoting high standards for continued academic success.
Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in Education or recent teaching experience. Some companies do not require professional experience.

As long as you’re a graduate of a baccalaureate degree in Education, the chance of getting hired is higher than expected. Create your Tutor Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write a Resume for Tutoring Jobs?

If you are a fresh grad and haven’t written a resume before, you came to the right place. You’re probably wondering how to arrange your credentials in your resume like a pro. Here are some beginner-friendly tips you can use today: 

Summarize your qualities, skills, and experiences in 5 sentences or less 
As the name indicates, the summary in the resume must be short, although you have a lot of things to include, so list them down. Identify the most important qualification you possess. You can consider the requirements in a tutorial job opening to make the process seamless and quick. 
The summary is the first thing that human resource personnel sees, so keep it direct to the point. 

Discuss your skills and other qualifications 
Due to the great flexibility, good wages, and a fun working environment, tutoring jobs have been getting a high demand from a great number of graduates. 
How to beat the competition? How to increase your qualification? A well-crafted resume with your skills can help. Just organize your most relevant skills to catch the hiring manager’s attention and interest. 

Emphasize your accomplishments that match the Tutor position
When applying for any job, you’re marketing yourself to employers. 
To better represent yourself as a professional, you can add a few of your accomplishments in your resume. Just present all details in a nice way. 
Still, searching for a tutor resume template and sample? Please feel free to browse our site for more details. If you have something to ask, we’re just a call away! 
Writing and developing a resume is going to be fun, indeed. 


Dedicated and experienced Academic Tutor with a proven track record for helping students to improve their academic performance. Adept at evaluating students and creating learning plans based on their strengths and weaknesses. Bringing forth a devotion to education and helping others to achieve their academic and life goals.

Professional Experience

Tutor Time
Apr, 2015 Sep, 2019
Academic Tutor
  •  Performed thorough evaluations for students to better understand their level and needs. 
  • Communicated with family members and teachers of students to develop a program best suited for their needs. 
  • Utilized effective teaching methods to see greater results. 
  • Monitored the progress of students and made adjustments in lesson plans when necessary. 
  • Achieved high client satisfaction ratings due to increase in academic performance and better grades. 

Sylvan Learning Center
Mar, 2010 Apr, 2015
Academic Tutor
  • Worked with students in grades K-8 to strengthen and support their writing skills. 
  • Used reading comprehension exercises to help students with their writing skills. 
  • Helped students to gain a deeper understanding of writing principles and concepts,
  • Aided students in exam preparation and held writing workshops prior to exam seasons. 


favourite quote

Security Is Mostly A Superstition. Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing.

~Life Quote By Helen Keller


Taught SAT classes for high school students
 Prepared lesson plans and materials for the SAT curriculum created and presented SAT seminars for high school students trained new employees to tutor the SATEdited students' college application essays.
Provided 1-on-1 instruction to middle sch. student
 Developed action plans based on students' and educators' academic goals communicated with parents and teachers to update them on students' progress.

Key Skills

Curriculum Development
Excellent Communication skills
SAT Prep
Knowledge of Educational Philosophies
Informal and Formal Assessments
Communication skills




Master of Childhood Education
Villanova University
Jul 2017 - May 2020
Bachelor of Arts in English
University of Scranton
Jul 2007 - May 2011


Certified English Tutor
Jul 2014
Association for the Tutoring Profession
Associate Tutor
Apr 2012


  • Computers
  • Boating
  • Comics
  • Shopping
  • American Football
  • Adventure Sports

Social Media

In 3 years

I want to see myself as a motivated and hardworking individual seeking the position of Math Tutor at ABC School and to be able to provide students with extensive knowledge and commitment towards success.

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