With the ever-increasing use of Social Media, brands have started feeling the need to hire professionals to manage their Social Media. An experienced Social Media Manager can help brands in taking their Social Media game to the next level. 

As a Social Media Manager, the company wants you to be creative and think out of the box strategies for their Social Media. Having deep expertise in managing Social Media campaigns and accounts is very important while applying as a Social Media Manager. 

How to create an impressive resume for Social Media Manager?

While applying as a Social Media Manager, you need to ensure that you write a resume that can impress the recruiters. Mentioning the right skills and details correctly can help you maximize your chances of getting hired. CraftMyCV has studied the market and created a sample resume for Social Media Manager. This resume can be used as a reference while creating the perfect resume for your dream job. Here are a few tips for creating an impressive Social Media Manager resume:

Mention a career summary in your Social Media Manager resume
An impressive Career Summary is the first and one of the toughest steps while creating a resume. A good summary can attract the recruiter's attention and keep them engaged while a bad one can do the exact opposite. 

Mention your core skills in your Social Media Manager resume 
Recruiters will be looking for certain skills and qualities while hiring a Social Media Manager. An ideal candidate should possess a combination of a few important technical skills and other non-technical and managerial skills. Adding the right skills in your resume for Social Media Manager can go a long way in helping you get hired. However, adding the skills that you do not possess or are not confident about can prove to be harmful for your application. 

Following are the six core skills that you should surely add in your Social Media Manager resume:
•   Content Research & Development 
•   Social Media Management
•   Photography & Graphic Design
•   Adobe Creative Suite
•   Business Development Strategies
•   Big Picture Thinking

Mention any previous experience that you have as a Social Media Manager
If you have worked as a Social Media Manager in the past, make sure that you add that in your resume. Mention the challenges that you had faced, your solutions to your challenges, and the result of your solution. This helps the recruiters in understanding your analytical abilities, knowledge, and expertise in this job profile. Mention your latest experience at the top, followed by your previous experiences. You can also mention if you have any other experience which is relevant to this job profile. 

Highlight your educational qualifications in your Social Media Manager resume
If you wish to apply for the position of Social Media Manager in any company, you should have a bachelor's degree in Marketing or some other relevant field. Mention your most recent educational qualification at the top, followed by the previous ones. 

Highlight your relevant certifications in your Social Media Manager resume
As a Social Media Manager, you need to have knowledge about SEO, web traffic metrics, and other relevant topics. If you have any certifications which can prove your knowledge in this field, add those to your resume. There are a lot of certifications that you can find both online and offline for the position of Social Media Manager. Choosing the right certification for yourself is an essential task. 
Here are a few important certifications which can help you increase your chances of getting hired:
Social Media Certification - Issued by LinkedIn
Blueprint Certification - Issued by Facebook

Write down your vision as a Social Media Manager in your resume
Write down where you see yourself after a few years of working as a Social Media Manager. Paint the bigger picture for the recruiters and impress them with your confidence. 


Innovative and motivated Social Media Manager with vast experience creating content and managing the online presence of companies and brands. Bringing forth experience developing and managing trend-aware social media accounts on various platforms, resulting in an active community of followers. Adept in building engaging campaigns for users that result in higher visitor traffic patterns and greater success.

Professional Experience

Barrio Brewing Co
May, 2017 Present
Social Media Manager
  • Developed & coordinated tasting room events via social media. 
  • Managed various social accounts to maintain brand awareness. 
  • Oversaw new product shoots for Instagram posts. 
  • Interacted with customers, employees, and vendors on a daily basis. 
  • Aimed to increase product awareness, attract new customers, and retain existing customers. 
Nuanced Media
May, 2014 Jun, 2016
Social Media Manager
  • Developed social accounts and set up content calendars for new clients.
  • Recorded data regarding website traffic and user feedback. 
  • Assisted with the management of client presence on varying social media platforms. 
  • Created infographics and images for client blogs and Facebook accounts.


favourite quote

The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.

~Mark Caine


Introduced Snapchat channel, contributing to the company’s goal of appealing to a younger demographic. Gained 150,000 followers within three months. 
Led cross-channel marketing strategy using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and radio spots to create excitement for product launch; exceeded sales projections by 26%. 

Key Skills

Content Research & Development
Social Media Management
Photography & Graphic Design
Adobe Creative Suite
Business Development Strategies
Big Picture Thinking




Bachelor of Marketing
University of Arizona
Apr 2010 - Jun 2013
High School Diploma
Sedona High School
Jul 2006 - Nov 2010


Social Media Certification
Aug 2014
Blueprint Certification
Feb 2017


  • Playing Piano
  • Reading
  • Boating
  • Writing
  • Comics
  • Bodybuilding

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the 3 years I will be seeking to utilize huge expertise in enhancing customer engagement for ABC as a Social Media Manager. Coming with detail-orientation, superb communication skills, and a creative mindset.

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