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A Property Manager deals with the administration, maintenance, and operations of property rentals for an owner. Their work includes complying with rental laws, collecting rent, making sure rental rates are competitive enough, marketing rentals, finding renters, and so much more. Their specific responsibilities will differ according to the kind of property being organized, the amount they’re getting paid, as well as the terms of the management contract. You will find different essential roles a property manager could take on to help rental property owners. 

You see, Property Managers are professionals who make sure a rental is run based on the guidance presented by the property owner. The guidance could take in various forms. For instance, individual owners may offer verbal guidance on the property’s goals, while corporate property owners may issue vision and mission statements for their properties. The Property Manager ensures that accountable occupants occupy the property, budgets are always followed, payments are received on time, and the rental is properly sustained. Create your Property Manager Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Efficiently Write a Property Manager Resume?

Do you need help with writing the best Property Manager resume? In this section, we have collected the best resume tips you can use to make one. 

Highlight your success at presenting quantifiable outcomes
Did you know that including quantifiable information to your Property Manager resume allows your future managers to see what you can do? They can utilize such numbers to predict their potential growth. Do not forget that every employer is enthusiastic about boosting their business growth. Figures, hard facts, and data help show how much you are worth to your potential managers. Recruiters will value every quantifiable number you place into your resume. Therefore, ensure you add some of it. 

Highlight you are “In the Know” in your skills section 
Your hiring managers must understand the skills you have. For instance, you mentioned that you could file taxes. That is all good and well. However, your hiring manager may think you are simply talking through your hat, especially if you do not list what software you utilize.

Present specifics regarding your previous roles
Most property managers concentrate on various areas. For example, you may have an onsite property manager for an apartment building or condo building. Or maybe you have a portfolio of property owners you work for. Other property managers concentrate on residential property, while some work with commercial property owners. It will help if you will clarify the aspects of property management you have organized in the past.

Don’t forget your professional career objective
Bear in mind that a resume profile is an excellent way to begin your Property Manager resume. It will tell your hiring manager the reason you love the job. Moreover, a professional profile will give them a reason for what makes you unique among the crowd. 


Accomplished Property Manager with a proven track record of sustaining and increasing property values. Committed to achieving client satisfaction, and meeting and exceeding goals. Bringing forth a proven track record of increasing occupancy rates and negotiating higher rental rates. Driven and enthusiastic, with the ability to manage my time and efforts effectively. Dedicated to executing strategic marketing plans to achieve a property's highest income potential.

Professional Experience

Hexagon Partners
May, 2017 Jan, 2020
Property Manager
  • Managed 20+ properties with enthusiasm, expertise, and dedication.
  • Developed and implemented strong marketing strategies for each property.
  • Maintained the visual appearance and condition of properties to attract and keep tenants. 
  • Negotiated contracts in an effective yet honorable way. 
  • Continually minimized budget expenses and increased incomes by substantial amounts.
Butler RE, Inc.
May, 2012 Jan, 2017
Assistant Property Manager
  • Functioned as a dedicated assistant to a  Senior Property Manager.
  • Maintained property listings and handled all client correspondence.
  • Prepared listings and scheduled open-houses and showings. 
  • Assisted in the physical maintenance of the properties. 
  • Researched competitive listings in the area and presented findings to the Senior Property Manager. 


favourite quote

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

~Albert Einstein


Direct responsibility of Community Management
  • During first six months of employment, increased NOI from negative $21,000 per month to positive $13,500 per month through successful leasing and expense management.
  • Increased occupancy from 85% to consistent 97% within first six months.
  • Reduced average outstanding collections from $18,000 to $1,100 through management of employees, contact with residents and securing higher quality credit tenants.
Ensured compliance with Home Owner Association
  • Performed inspections at property sites to verify adherence to standards, and reported findings to Board Members.
  • Spearheaded grievance resolution meetings between community members on multiple occasions.
  • Maintained community budgets, including accounts receivable and accounts payable to guarantee financial solvency.
  • Prepared request for proposal documents that garnered bids from providers for community maintenance services.

Key Skills

Real Estate Knowledge
Effective Management Skills
Marketing Strategies
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Negotiation skills
Big Picture Thinking




Associate of English
Nov 2008 - Dec 2010
High School Diploma
St. Monica Academy
May 2005 - Jan 2007


Certified Property Manager (CPM)
May 2018
Certified Apartment Manager (CAM)
May 2016


  • Gardening
  • Table Tennis
  • Collecting Souvenir
  • Beat Boxing
  • Boating
  • Bowling

Social Media

In 3 years

A certified and experienced manager looking to obtain a property manager position in the next 3 years at Weatherford Homes, to provide daily maintenance and repair of residential properties.

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