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One of the most common roles of Personal Trainers is to design programs. They particularly create or develop an exercise regimen according to individuals’ goals and fitness level. Based on their muscular strength, lean muscle gain, and weight loss, personal trainers identify the type of exercises clients can perform during every session, which includes the right number of repetitions and sets. Personal trainers are also responsible for providing relevant coaching, stretching techniques, and information on nutrition. Other roles and responsibilities of personal trainers include evaluating client’s health conditions, building personalized exercise programs, explaining exercises in detail, suggesting alternatives, monitoring a person’s fitness levels, explaining proper and safe use of any gym equipment, leading group or individual training sessions, researching on exercise techniques, administering first aid during emergencies, informing clients about hygiene guidelines, building a good rapport with customers, and giving clients pieces of advice on their lifestyle and nutritional habits. 

Like other professions, the job of personal trainers is not easy. But everything will be less stressful and complicated when they possess organizational skills, technical knowledge, communication skills, empathy or emotional intelligence, motivation, and patience. Create your Personal Trainer Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write a Personal Trainer Resume?

Below are a few useful steps to bear in mind: 

Write a Great Summary for Personal Trainer Resume
Many applicants ignore the utmost importance of a summary in resumes until they lose the chance of getting their dream job. To increase your opportunity to work with a number of clients, construct and write a summary that best represents you. Also, highlight your skills, achievements, and other necessary information. 

Showcase the Most Relevant Skills as a Personal Trainer in Your Resume
In this section, emphasize your most relevant abilities, skills, or qualifications. Can you work with different clients? Are you able to perform even under pressure? Include any of the qualities that make you stand out from the rest. But be sure you really possess all of them to earn the client’s trust and acquire repeat customers. 

Mention Your Accomplishments Rather than the Roles and Responsibilities that Match the Personal Trainer Position 
Before, long resumes work. Things are different today. As a personal trainer, it is imperative to keep them short, straightforward, and concise. The trick here is to think of what you have accomplished as a personal trainer in the past. Avoid unnecessary information to leave the recruitment staff a good and lasting impression. 


Energetic and passionate Fitness Instructor and Trainer with several years of experience teaching group fitness and one on one classes. Highly trained and experienced in the areas of Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Flexibility Training, and Aerobics. I have a true passion for designing fitness and nutrition programs that maximize results and help clients develop a true sense of well being.

Professional Experience

Gym 27
May, 2017 Feb, 2019
Fitness Instructor
  • Designed thoughtful and carefully planned classes to address the fitness levels and skills of class participants. 
  • Prepared clean and welcoming class environments, conducive to a healthy and happy experience. 
  • Guided participants in safe exercise practices, keeping in mind the physical limitations of specific participants. 
  • Administered fitness assessments, intended to keep participants in tune with the needs of their bodies. 
  • Counseled participants on proper nutrition and exercise habits. 
Your True SelfFitness Instructor
May, 2015 Mar, 2016
Fitness Instructor
  • Proud owner of a fitness organization with records of serving more than 200 happy clients. 
  • Developed and implemented all fitness and nutrition programs for clients, while working one on one to help maximize each individual's results. 
  • Conducted weekly assessments of a client's advancements and altered the following sessions as needed. 
  • Worked tirelessly in helping clients to achieve their health and fitness goals, while giving them the necessary knowledge and tools to maintain their goals for a lifetime. 


favourite quote

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.

~Wayne Gretzky


Wrote extensive sports specific programs
  • Managed scheduling for a large book of clientele.
  • Trained young children ages 6-10 on early motor skill development.
  • Responsible for opening, closing, and maintenance of the facility.
  • Developed and maintained long term clients to meet a variety of fitness and health-related goals.
Conducted 1-on-1 individual nutrition consultation
  • Trained the residents in the group and individual sessions for 20 minutes to an hour each day, while providing ongoing exercise instruction.
  • Designed a holistic nutrition and exercise plan that was tailored to each individual. This included a nutrition plan, exercise plan, recipe page, various health tips, supplement recommendations, and a healthy food list.
  • Consulted with hundreds of residents from the 2013-Present day, with all patients coming from different nutritional backgrounds and fitness levels.

Key Skills

Independently Motivated
Interpersonal Skills
Excellent Planner
First Aid Analysis
Applying Data To Decision Making




Bachelor of Communications
May 2007 - Feb 2010
High School Diploma
Norwalk High School
Feb 2005 - Sep 2007


Certified Health Coach
Feb 2013
Certified Personal Trainer
May 2018


  • Cross Fit
  • Cricket
  • Gymming
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Yoga

Social Media

In 3 years

In the next three years I will see myself as an experienced person in counseling clients in both fitness and nutrition for overall wellness, weight loss, and strength improvement.

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