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Office assistant provides clerical and organizational support tasks. Their tasks include organizing files, scheduling appointments, writing copy, proofreading, receiving guests, receiving communications from outside sectors, and many more. All tasks given to office assistants depend on the needs and daily routines of the company. The work and duties of an office assistant are quite broader in scope in terms of clerical functions. Anyone must be a hard-working professional to undertake different support tasks under pressure. Office assistants must be knowledgeable enough in office works, such as using computer software like MS Word, Excel, Publisher, and even knows how to handle internet navigation. They must be focus to attentive to every detail to achieve effective and better results in the workplace.

Office assistants must be well-equipped with skills in handling computer programs and software since this is one of the most common tools used in the office. They must have excellent organizational skills and time management. It is also expected that they are good in both written and oral communication since the management may sometimes let them to the communication papers for some important clients. Create your Office Assistant Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write an Office Assistant Resume?

If you wish to be one of the office assistants in the company, then you are in the right avenue. It is because we will give you tips and suggestions on how you can effectively write a resume for an office assistant position. You may consider these tips below for you to create the best resume for the job successfully.

Choose the Best Format for Your Resume
Format or template is an important factor that needs to be considered in writing a resume for Office Assistant. Depending on your professional and personal circumstances, select a chronological, combination, targeted, or functional resume. You must choose one that is suitable for your educational background, working experience, and set of skills. Try to customize your resume since it also has a good impact to the recruiters. 

Put Your Most Relevant and Essential Accomplishments 
Your most relevant and essential accomplishment from your previous days must be prioritized in writing a resume. You must describe these key accomplishments for every position which you have handled before. These accomplishments would be considered as your milestones in life, for these provide extra credit when choosing the best candidate for the position. The recruiter for the job would be amazed at your previous background if you included the best achievements that are related to office assistant positions. They may consider you as one of the priorities among all candidates.

Optimize the Job Descriptions of your Resume
Optimizing your resume job descriptions may catch the attention and interest of the hiring manager. As much as possible, use subtle colors to highlight the important details that would quantify your success—if possible, shortened your resume with at least two pages. Hiring managers and recruiters love to read more concise and shorter resumes. 


Office Assistant providing optimal assistance to companies so they can focus on overall business goals. Bringing forth exceptional customer service skills with an ability to communicate effectively between all departments. Tech-savvy professional with the flexibility to work in both fast and slow-paced environments. Committed to offering superior administrative and clerical support, while serving as a dedicated assistant to office staff.

Professional Experience

M & M Properties
Jan, 2012 Present
Office Assistant / Receptionist
  • Served as a helpful assistant to all office staff including the Accountant, Property Manager, Maintenance Manager, and Broker. 
  • Performed a variety of office duties from ordering supplies to heavy data entry and processing of applications. 
  • Screened applications to ensure they met minimal qualifications. 
  • Acted as the main contact for customers via phone, fax, email and in-person.
  • Maintained a steady office flow by directing customer inquiries, submitting maintenance requests and routing emails to the appropriate department.
  • Facilitated the application process by verifying employment and tenant history.
  • Assisted the Property Manager with addressing maintenance requests in order of urgency.
  • Worked with the Office Manager to schedule appointments and company meetings.
JL Apartments
Dec, 2005 Jan, 2012
Office Assistant
  • Reported to Property Manager and served as general office support to all staff.
  • Handled the sorting and distributing of mail and oversaw front desk operations. 
  • Greeted and assisted all visitors with a pleasant and helpful attitude. 
  • Improved productivity by implementing new systems for processing applications and communicating between departments.
  • Coordinated company meetings to review work efficiency, tenant and staff issues, and future company plans.
  • Decreased the amount of tenant complaints with courtesy calls and consistent follow-through of housing issues.
  • Contributed to an organized workplace by maintaining filing systems as well as the company calendar.
  • Solved tenant issues, routing to the appropriate department when necessary. 
  • Addressed customer inquiries via email and in-person, ensuring quick and quality responses.
Dupont Pet Hospital
Jun, 2005 Jul, 2006
Front Office Assistant
  • Served as a pleasant and productive front desk assistant at veterinary office. Greeted and assisted all visitors and customers.
  •  Scheduled new and follow-up appointments, processed payments and new patient paperwork, and documented all data into the company software system.
  • Provided accurate daily sales reports and appointment schedules to Doctor and Vet Techs. 
  • Organized weekly and monthly meetings with office staff, ensuring refreshments ordered and all employees informed.
  • Initiated quick and smooth process of emergency situations by communicating effectively with all departments and assisting with preparations and services.


favourite quote

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

~Eleanor Roosevelt


Worked closely with a Naturopathic Doctor
Oversaw and contributed to a variety of patient-oriented, office, and marketing duties. Took body composition, blood pressure, and pulse measurements on new patients. Checked patients out, collected payment, and rescheduled appointments.
Worked with an ER system
Ensured all current patient information was updated and collected appropriately according to organization and industry standards.

Key Skills

Strong organizational skills.
Scheduling Skills
Editing Skills
Adept in Technology
Verbal & Visual Communication




Associate of Business Administration
Marist College
Jul 2016 - Jul 2020
High School Diploma
DuPont High School
Aug 2001 - May 2005


International Association of Professionals
Certified Administrative Professional
Jul 2014
American Payroll Association
Fundamental Payroll Certification
Jul 2015


  • Outdoor Sports
  • Playing Cards
  • Darts
  • Paragliding
  • Motorbikes
  • Photography

Social Media

In 3 years

In the next 3 years I want to obtain a position of Office Assistant at Curio’s Agency, bringing communication and organizational skills to improve efficiency and client experience with strong administrative expertise.

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