There’s no doubt that the marketing industry is a dynamic one. It showcases your expertise and knowledge in digital marketing, sales, business, and other related fields, helping you present yourself better as a marketing consultant. A marketing consultant utilizes their marketing skills to help businesses and companies determine and reach their marketing goals. They mostly plan, perform, and track marketing strategies to guarantee positive results. This professional’s core job is to assess existing marketing data, determine areas of improvement and opportunities, and recommend the best strategies to accomplish the company goals. Their role is a very comprehensive and intricate one. 

The top five skills of a Marketing Consultant resume include customer service, business development, project management, search engine optimization, and digital marketing. 
Below are some of the operational responsibilities of a marketing consultant:
· Suggest and coordinate the launching of a website design, innovative product, or updated website content and landing pages.
· Assess key information and deliver recommendations on enhancements such as software or new processes to produce more sales.
· Determine unique ways to engage loyal customers.
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How to Efficiently Write Marketing Consultant Resume?

Below we have gathered the best tips on how you can deliver your expertise and skills on your resume and let yourself stand out among the crowd. 

Add your objective
Determine the things you’d like to do. What are the things you wish to gain out of this imminent work experience? For instance, you want to utilize your experience to acquire new skills and help companies grow. 

Highlight your extensive experience in the industry
You need to let the hiring manager or recruiter know how many years you’ve worked in the industry. Highlight the various sub-fields you had the opportunity to work in to highlight your varied background. 

Showcase your skills
Why don’t you list a few of the specialized skills that will help you stand out among other marketing consultant applications? Show that you have a varied skill set. Keep in mind that no one likes cliched buzzwords. Recruiters read about how somebody optimized, improved, or managed something without any tangible numbers to back it up. The outcome? Such skills that are not quantified get overlooked or even count over you. The answer is to concentrate on concrete figures that show your effect as a marketing consultant. Hence, rather than using improved sales, you can write on your resume, improved overall sales by thirty-five percent within six months. Using these action words will help you leave a powerful impression and stand out among other applicants. 

Always be specific 
Keep in mind that it’s more vital to show than simply tell, especially when adding your experience. Make every bullet point of your experience section count by adding the impact you had in your recent job positions. Moreover, ensure each point comes together along with a tangible example. Hence, do not simply say you are awesome at customer support. You need to show and prove it! 


Passionate and experienced Marketing Consultant providing strategic and practical advice to achieve company's marketing efforts. Adept in understanding company profiles and operations to successfully carry out marketing plans. Bringing forth years of valuable industry experience and expertise in identifying and implementing the most effective marketing methods and tools to achieve success.

Professional Experience

JJ Cole
Mar, 2012 Sep, 2019
Marketing Consultant
  • Prepared detailed and well thought out proposals and marketing plans. 
  • Advised on branding, communication techniques, and other relevant marketing issues. 
  • Conducted marketing research to accurately identify industry trends and business opportunities. 
  • Directed marketing projects and studied results. 
  • Wrote and delivered quarterly reports with ideas for improvements and initiatives. 
D&C Inc.
May, 2009 Mar, 2012
Marketing Consultant
  • Effectively supported data-driven marketing and sales activities.  
  • Monitored and evaluated the ad's performance sector. 
  • Leveraged my creativity to identify new ways to increase online presence and advertising efficacy. 
  • Collaborated with team members to drive results. 


favourite quote

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

~Henry David Thoreau


Strategic business consultant for growing stores
  • Increased outside sales by 71% within 3 months and over 100% within 6 months; launched aggressive sales and marketing campaign throughout surrounding business community that raised awareness of company's catering options.
  • Generated 173% boost in outside sales that delivered $5 million in annual revenues by introducing easy-to-use online ordering technology which propelled store performance to #1 within metro-Atlanta market.
  • Improved order accuracy 75% after formulating a standardized questionnaire to collect complete and accurate ordering information from customers. Checklist was adopted by corporate and rolled out to 1800 stores.
Create magazine & guides for community members
  • Helped launch a hyper-local website that developed in the first 2 months to over 12,500 unique visitors.
  • Promoted a new website via social media by developing content and awareness.
  • Worked hand in hand with magazine distributors, creative teams, and editorial staff in order to determine appropriate audiences and meet deadlines.
  • Coordinated creative events and sponsorship opportunities to drive added revenue.
  • Secured and maintained accounts out in the field after informing them of our marketing outlets.

Key Skills

Strong Analytical Thinking
Marketing Tool and Strategies
Commercial awareness.
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Budget Management
Innovation and Problem Solving




Wake Forest University
May 2008 - Sep 2010
Bachelor of Communications
Washington State University
May 2004 - Jun 2008


Business Marketing Institute
Certified Expert Marketing Advisor
May 2016
Association of International Product Management
Certified Product Marketing Manager
Feb 2017


  • Zumba
  • Collecting Coins
  • Food Tasting
  • Collecting Souvenir
  • Writing
  • River Rafting

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the next 3 years I want to seek for a marketing consultant position through leadership and management skills involving problem solving, planning, and organizing market structure.

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