An IOT Sales Director is accountable to a tons of responsibilities. The main work of this position is to develop leads, manage leads, and close the opportunities across a wide range of industries. The job requires to contact the existing and new customers regularly. An IoT Sales Director needs to create a good bond and connection with the clients. Before you get hired for this position, you need to undergo some training. You should be able to pitch and represent the IoT competencies, solutions, and products to the target clients.

Aside from that, you are also required to give regular reports not just to the headquarter management but also to the local agency. An important key element to have a successful IoT Sales Director work is to build a good rapport and communication among the team. As an IoT Sales Director, you are expected to look and determine high potential leads and convert them into winning leads. There are lots of things you should know about being an IOT Sales Director. But if you went through a lot of training and confident to apply for the position, one of the things you need to prepare is a well-written resume. Create your IOT Sales Director Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How To Effectively Write An IOT Sales Director Resume?

Preparing a professional-looking resume of an IoT Sales Director is the first thing you should do to ace the position. If you don’t know how to write one, we are here to guide you. The following are some of the effective tips that will give you a high chance of making a proper and well-written resume.

Write a Striking Summary for an IoT Sales Director Resume
You need to write a summary of your resume to impress and encourage your employer to read further your resume. When writing a summary, make sure to keep it brief, detailed, and concise.

List Down Your Most Relevant Skills as an IOT Sales Director
Another tip: Include in your resume the skills that are relevant to the position. This will help your hiring manager a quick overview of your competency. List down at least three key skills and six basic skills. Include only the skills you genuinely possess.

Mention Your Accomplishments rather than the Roles and Responsibilities that Match the IoT Sales Director Position
Your resume is broken down into different sections, including the ‘experience’ section. Amaze your manager with the accomplishments or actionable results you achieve in your past jobs. By doing so, your hiring manager will think that you are competitive enough to ace the position. When listing your accomplishments, make sure that you won’t look boastful. Always use professional wordings and avoid using vulgar and slang words.


High energy professional driving prodigious value to my clients. Visible achievements in Enterprise Software Sales, Services Sales, Analytics, Big Data, IOT, Optimization, AI, Machine Learning & Supply chain. Strong visionary and creative problem solver with the ability to combine technology and leadership to develop solutions that create competitive advantages, improve processes, and maximize ROI of team members and current investments.

Professional Experience

Jul, 2016 May, 2020
Director of Sales
  • I was part a of senior leadership team to develop and execute corporate strategy growth Strategy 5X in 5 Years by focusing on Client’s business needs and outcomes to find and develop solutions that exactly meet their needs 
  • Hunt, built, developed and managed pipeline and client acquisition opportunities across North America in multiple industries such as Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail, Marketing, Entertainment & Finance.
Crown Point
Mar, 2011 Aug, 2013
Senior Account Executive
  • Direct sales of code-free Confidential (Application Quality Management) and software testing solutions to companies across multiple industries and geographies.
  • Hunt, built, developed and managed pipeline and opportunities across North America,
  • Attained 254% of quota first quarter on the job to Rep in North America within first 6 months.


favourite quote

"A person who is quietly confident makes the best leader"

~Fred Wilson


Employee of the month
  • Collaborated with sales teams to develop and execute on Solution development strategy.
  • Developed/Executed strategy to deliver product globally and with alternative channels.
  • Developed and maintained expertise in the Smart Cities industry and identify industry trends.
  • Assisted in field testing of the PaaS solution(s) prior to market launch.
Team Lead
  • Provided insight on new technology performance and recommendations of adoption opportunities.
  • Used technical acumen to provide design alternatives, ask probing questions and support the team in technical issue resolution
  • Looked beyond the obvious for continuous improvement opportunities.
  • Lead and executed platform-focused technical community forums – online and offline.
  • Coordinated communications, escalated and facilitated resolution of risks, issues, and changes tied to the product development initiatives.
  • Reviewed and gave feedback to Engineering and Deployment teams on their API, deployment and configuration documentations.

Key Skills

Personal Drive
Cross-Cultural Leadership
Machine Learning & AI




Master's in Business Administration
Michigan State University
Feb 2010 - Dec 2011
Bachelors in Business Administration
University of Cincinnati
Nov 2005 - Sep 2008


Certified Sales Director
Aug 2010
Stanford University
Certificate in Sales Managaemnet
Nov 2014


  • Astronomy
  • Boating
  • Motorbikes
  • Blogging
  • Gardening
  • Social media

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the next 3 years, I want to explore and develop skills in my field and I want to have gained experience in leading projects for major clients. I will be looking for opportunities to expand my responsibilities within this role to work towards my goal.

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