An IOT Product Manager leads and creates strategic customer presentations. They are also in charge of leading user experience requirements initiatives, testing, and research procedures. You need to seek and promote synergy and cost-effective opportunities. You need to directly work with the engineering team to match with the effective practices of the platform used and to get implementation details. In addition, an IOT Product Manager also has a role of making market analysis and opportunity assessment for future, and current products aimed to increase margins and revenues. Meanwhile, to be a good IOT Product Manager, you must have the skills and abilities to perform your responsibilities in the best way.
The skills and requirements for IOT Product Manager include experience in delivering and defining outstanding, future-proof IOT services portfolio, knowledge in coaching cross-functional marketing, making strategies to reality, a good collaborator, and a strong operation and commercial mindset. Create your IOT Product Manager Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write an IOT Product Manager Resume?

If you wish to acquire your dream IOT Product Manager job position, you must have a professionally-written resume. To help you with this, we offer the best tips to write an IOT Product Manager. 
Write a catchy summary for IOT Product Manager resume
 With a professional summary in your IOT Product Manager resume, you can get the attention of the recruiter and convince them to read more of your resume. With this, you have more chances to get an interview for the position. 
Present your most relevant skills as an IOT Product Manager in your resume
 Another effective way to get your dream job is to show your skills and requirements for an IOT Product Manager. You can present 6 basic skills and 3 key skills. In this way, the recruiter will know that you are competitive enough to be their IOT Product Manager. Be honest and include only the skills that you truly acquire. 
Include your achievements rather than the roles and responsibilities that match the IOT Product Manager position
 You can also include your achievements that can suit the position of an IOT Product Manager. You can present your career experience to give the recruiter idea about your competency and skills. Keep in mind to use only professional words in your IOT Product Manager resume. Never use vulgar words since it can discourage the recruiter from choosing you for the job position. Thus, a character is also important to get the job that you want. 


Having an in-depth understanding of the IoT industry including key players. Working with the OpCos IoT marketing teams to develop Group's strategic product road-map for IoT, providing regular updates and strategic analysis of the progress in achieving the road-map goals and contribute to innovation. Negotiate commercial agreements with partners in the industry .Managing relationships with IoT ecosystem stakeholders and to ensure road-map requirements are adopted and delivered.

Professional Experience

Oct, 2014 Mar, 2016
Product Manager
  • Built M2M/IOT propositions that attract solution providers and developers to use Optus and join our ecosystem. 
  • Worked with various stakeholder groups and program management to ensure delivery time frames are met in line with market demand. 
  • Worked with device and technology vendors to understand their product roadmaps and how they influence our offerings.
Feb, 2012 Jun, 2014
Senior Product Manager
  • Provided insight into new technology performance and recommendations of adoption opportunities. 
  • Used technical acumen to provide design alternatives, ask probing questions, and support the team in technical issue resolution. 
  • Lead and executed platform-focused technical community forums – online and offline.


favourite quote

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

~Christopher Columbus


Global MBA
 For completion of 1-year intensive MBA.
Stayfree Schools Program
For developing and implementing an on-going Women's Health Educational School's Program.

Key Skills

Business & Industry Knowledge
UX/UI design
Critical Thinking
Analytical Skills
Expert in Customer Service


Pidgin English


Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
Kennesaw State University
Apr 2008 - Dec 2010
Master's in Management
Oxford University
Nov 2005 - Nov 2007


University of Alberta
Certification in Software Product Management
Nov 2010
Prince2 Practitioner from APMG UK
Certification in Project Management
Aug 2011


  • Blogging
  • Zumba
  • Bicycle Riding
  • Scuba Diving
  • Table Tennis
  • Dancing

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the next 3 years I will be seeking and promoting synergy and cost efficiency opportunities and present market requirements, trends, competitive landscape, product road-map, pricing and packaging options, cost model, and P&L to the executive team.

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