A forensic accountant is a job that requires the person to acquire basic accounting skills. They are the ones who use accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to assess the financial statement of the organization while checking if there is fraud happened. If you are an aspiring forensic accountant, you should do thorough research to get accurate findings. This is because the findings are being assessed by the review panels or the judge. People often refer to a forensic accountant as a forensic investigative auditor or a forensic auditor.

Forensic accountants are being deployed to civil disputes to perform some investigations of several situations in most cases. These include disagreements between companies that usually involve earning outs and warranty breaches. The main problem with this job is that they are usually involved with negligence claims. Therefore, they are responsible for evaluating and giving their opinions regarding the conclusions given by the other experts. If you are an aspiring forensic accountant, you may get employed by a wide range of organizations, including law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, banks, and government agencies. Create your Forensic Accountant Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write Forensic Accountant Resume?

If writing a well-written resume is hard for you, you are in the right place. Here, we are going to give you some of the best tips to write a forensic accountant's resume effectively.

Write a great summary for a Forensic Accountant resume
To ace the position you are applying for, you should include a crisp summary into your forensic accountant resume. A well-written summary helps you to convince your managing employer to read your resume further.

Showcase your most relevant skills as a Forensic Accountant in your resume
The next tip we can give to you is to list the skills you think are relevant to the position you want to achieve. When writing this section, make sure to list only the skills you honestly possess. You may list at least three key skills and six common skills. With that, your managing employer will have an instant overview of your competitiveness to handle the job of a forensic accountant.

Mention your accomplishments rather than the roles and responsibilities that match the Forensic Accountant position
You can use the accomplishments you receive from your former job to have an edge for acing the forensic accountant position. Just like the skills section, list down the accomplishments you have that match the position you are applying for.
You may consider writing your experiences during your previous works to give your employer an idea of how you receive your achievements. When writing this section, make sure to use only professional words and avoid vulgar wordings as it will reflect your character. With these three tips, writing a professional-looking Forensic Accountant resume would be now easier for you. Do not forget to include a crisp summary, a section for your common and key skills, and your achievements and accomplishments received.


In-depth knowledge of Forensic Accounting techniques and auditing criminal networks. Capable Forensic Accountant successful at managing multiple projects and consistently meeting deadlines under pressure. Extensive knowledge of accounting software and processes. Develops and enhances client relationships; plans and effectively closes complex business opportunities.

Professional Experience

The Mergis Group
Sep, 2016 Jan, 2020
Forensic Accountant
  • Reviewed documents and testimony regarding subjects to be addressed in the expert report.
  • Administered In-depth financial analysis and developed case analysis strategy.
  • Summarized depositions and managed to write and edit reports and memoranda.
  • Investigated professional standards to stay abreast of current developments.
  • Utilized available data to reach sound conclusions, and provide clear recommendations.
  • Attend marketing events and developed client contacts adhering to legal, corporate governance and regulations.
FTI Consulting, Inc.
Nov, 2013 Sep, 2016
Forensic Accountant
  • Applied accounting and auditing principles and standards and evaluated financial records and operational systems.
  • Advised on the integrity of company financial data and status.
  • Conducted independent forensic examinations, evaluations and fraud analysis.
  • Determined the reliability and integrity of information.
  • Provided recommendations to address audit results specific to fraud and the materiality of loss.


favourite quote

“I Think Goals Should Never Be Easy, They Should Force You To Work, Even If They Are Uncomfortable At The Time.”

~Michael Phelps


Head Forensic Accountant
  • Lead fraud and forensic investigations compliance advisory services forensic technology expert witness services and financial and economic analyses.
  • Collaborated with client management to plan the engagement and manage expectations of service.
  • Supervised developing learning recruiting and staffing programs and other practice-wide needs.
  • Delegated work effectively; contributed to performance feedback/training and conduct performance reviews.
Subject Matter Expert
  • Selected by Senior Leaders as a Subject Matter Expert supporting development of FBI Leadership Development Program; assisted in developing curriculum for aspiring leaders and mid-level supervisors.
  • Liaison to Special Agents and Forensic Accountants across all U.S. FBI field offices regarding the FAP.

Key Skills

Project Management
Forensic accounting
Financial damages measurement
Work plans
Insurance loss measurement




Master's Degree in Accounting
Washington State University
Jul 2011 - Aug 2013
Bachelor’s Degree In Finance
Betley University
Jun 2008 - Jul 2011


California State Board of Accountancy
California Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
California State Board of Accountancy
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)


  • Computers
  • Automobiles
  • Watching Laughter Shows
  • Basketball
  • Beat Boxing
  • Darts

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the next 3 years I will be seeking a Forensic Accountant position in a stable company where I can use my skills to benefit the company.

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