The job of the cybersecurity analyst is to assess, plan as well as ratify or enact security measures to assist in keeping the company or organization safe and sound from security breaches and attacks on its computer systems and networks. This job involves replicating and simulating attacks to determine vulnerabilities, trying new software to assists the organization’s data, and assisting users in adhering to new rules and regulations and processes to makes sure the networks stay safe. This job is best suited to those with superb knowledge of and experience with the use of computers and security software that enjoy critical thinking to look for new ways to address and resolve problems. 

For a good cybersecurity analyst resume, the level of training and education is very useful since technical problems are increasingly advanced at this time. Just someone with the best level of training can succeed in such a job that must be mirrored in your resume. Aside from keeping the computer systems and networks safe, your job will involve training employees on security problems, preparing disaster recovery techniques, and collaborating with IT managers. So, meaning having teamwork skills, excellent communication, and strong analytical thinking. Create your Cyber Security Analyst Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write a Cyber Security Analyst Resume?

To increase the chance of getting the position you desire, make sure you have a well-written and well-documented resume. Read on as we teach you how: 

Make Sure to Include an Informative and Striking Summary
Unless you’re entering cybersecurity from another sector, you can skip the objective section. Rather, when you make a cybersecurity analyst resume, start it with a professional summary, then areas of expertise. You can start by describing yourself with a title, which parallels the title in the job description as closely as possible. Avoid over boarding with the areas of expertise; rather, choose those highlighted in the work description, which aligns closely with your skills and expertise.

Make Sure to Include Your Accomplishments, Technical Skills, as well as Certifications.
The bulk of cybersecurity analyst resume must focus on achievements, technical skills, certifications, and core competencies, in which order. Follow up the summary section with a bulleted list of career accomplishments, emphasizing achievements. 

List technical proficiencies, which include platforms, languages, networks, and tools utilized in the past positions.
The certifications can be integrated after the skills section. A Verified Passion for Learning Must Be Included. The fact that cybersecurity is a quickly evolving field; a passion for learning is vital. This feature can be verified in participation in conferences as well as job achievements, which highlight your adaptability. 

Don’t Forget to Include Educational Attainment.
Having very relevant educational training or qualifications will put you a step closer to your desired job. Your cybersecurity resume must highlight training certifications, which makes you able to execute the job with the recruiter states. Mentioning particular coursework involved in the training can show recruiters that you have that specific type of skill they are searching for.

When presenting an educational background, make sure to include information about the year you graduated and the institution where you undergo training. The employer or recruiter might even require a particular certification from you, which you should include in your resume.


A highly talented Cyber Security Analyst working on DoD projects. Capable of handling cyber security, cyber counterintelligence, project management, malware reverse engineering, network security architecture, and more.

Professional Experience

Phoenix, AZ
Nov, 2011 Dec, 2015
  • Experienced with developing, maintaining, and reviewing DoD Cybersecurity packages.
  • Experienced with using Navy DIACAP or MF tools, including DADMS, DITPR-DoN, and e MASS to process and update Cybersecurity packages.
  • Experienced with Cybersecurity or CND in a DoD environment.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Experienced with providing technical support.
Dallas, TX
Mar, 2005 May, 2010
  • Proactively ‘hunt’ for potential threat actors on the network and provide recommendations.
  • Worked with other groups to ensure continuity and coverage of the enterprise.
  • Developed, operationalized and contributed to core Cyber Security and Data Protection functions including but not limited to SOC and Incident Response.
  • Established and managed responsible program measurement (e.g. KPIs).
  • Analyzed and assessed vulnerabilities in the infrastructure (software, hardware, networks) and provide recommendations.


favourite quote

Great things never come from comfort zone.

~Lydia Sweatt


Malware Analysis & Security Improvement
  • Aided the Security Development Team & resolved network vulnerabilities.
  • Deployed software like C, C++, PHP, Perl, etc. to troubleshoot security errors.
  • Conducted malware analysis & detected intrusion for 50+ systems & online servers.
  • Used vulnerability scanning technologies to identify new tools for security improvement.
Network Security & System Protection
  • Monitored 50+ computer networks for security issues with 100% success.
  • Investigated security breaches & resolved cybersecurity incidents every week.
  • Installed ~5 security measures to protect Firewalls and data encryption programs.

Key Skills

Team work
Problem Solving Skills
Communication skills.
Technical Assessments
Decision making
Professional Ethics




Master's Degree in Computer Science
May 2004 - Jun 2006
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
Apr 1999 - May 2004


Ethical hacker
CompTIA Security+


  • Computers
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Cricket
  • Cross Fit
  • Baseball

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the 3 years I will work to prevent or mitigate harm to—or destruction of—computer networks, applications, devices, and data. For cybersecurity strategy to succeed, I must continually evolve to keep pace with the shifting strategies and technologies used by other hackers.

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