The Business Intelligence Developer’s main role is to make business data understandable. This position also leverages software tools to make data into useful insights that can help an organization improve its business decisions. A Business Intelligence Developer uses tools in analyzing and accessing data sets and presentation of analytical findings in reports, graphs, summaries, dashboards, charts, and maps to offer users complete intelligence about the business’ state. 

Since data is important in every business, the position of Business Intelligence Developer is getting more popular. It is also an advantage if you have knowledge and skills in software development, business analysis, solid database background, BI tools, debugging and testing. Click "Use this Resume" to start creating your Business Intelligence Developer Resume.

How to Write a Business Intelligence Developer Resume?

Include an interesting summary for Business Intelligence Developer resume
Acquiring the position for a Business Intelligence Developer is quite challenging. With this, you must include a catchy summary to capture your skillset and most relevant accomplishments. You can write your summary of about 500 characters.  You can take a look at the sample summary below to help you with this. 

Write your most relevant skills as a Business Intelligence Developer in your resume
You can have more chances to win in your application if you have the relevant skills for being a Business Intelligence Developer. You must list the skills that you’re good at. For example, if they are looking for an applicant with SSIS knowledge, you can include it in your resume. You can include about 6 skills or more, which can help to convince them that hiring you as a Business Intelligence Developer is a good decision.       

Showcase your accomplishments rather than the roles and responsibilities that suit Business Intelligence Developer
You may not be aware of it, but your accomplishments can be a great factor to influence the recruiter on choosing you as a Business Intelligence Developer. You can include the relevant achievements that can express your skills and competitiveness for the position of a Business Intelligence Developer. The more experience you have, the more chance you can get your dream position in the company you’re applying for.


An experienced BI professional with core expertise in designing and developing Business Intelligence solutions, overseeing the implementation of the Business Intelligence systems and also the ongoing maintenance of those solutions. Expert in creating data request queries through visualization and reports to present the information.

Professional Experience

Jul, 2015 Sep, 2016
Business Intelligence Developer
  • Increased customer retention by analyzing their buying patterns that enabled the sales department to customize offers for customers grouped under similar behavior.
  • Compiled data from Salesforce, Mail-chimp and Go To Webinar to analyze the effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns. 
  • Used insights from previous campaigns to recommend new marketing strategies and sales targets.
Ardent Health Services
Jan, 2012 Jun, 2014
Business Intelligence Developer
  • Was responsible for internal database development reporting build for Epic implementation, and supporting internal C# and SQL- based applications. 
  • Reverse-engineered multiple legacy databases to map, extract, transform, and load fields into new systems.


favourite quote

You can’t give up! When you give up, you're like everybody else!

~Chris Evert


Leveraged Cognos capabilities
Modified existing Cognos financial reporting models with Framework Manager to support new business initiatives and serve the needs of new SaaS customers.
Interacted with Business Users and developers
Wrote and maintained Business Requirements Documents (BRD) and Functional Requirements Documents (FRD) defining new systems operations for the project involving securities and trades.

Key Skills

Data Structures
Data Analytics
ABC Analysis
Activity Sequencing
Applying Data To Decision Making
Agile Scrum Team




Master of Science
Eastern Michigan University
Feb 2013 - Mar 2014
Boston University
Dec 2009 - Mar 2011


Certified Developer
May 2016
Business Intelligence
Aug 2017


  • Coding
  • Cooking
  • Bodybuilding
  • Adventure Sports
  • Billiards
  • Badminton

Social Media

In 3 years

In the 3 years I want to develop a BI solution for data warehousing with all reporting needs including the data marts and cubes that are used in business intelligence analysis.

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