A Blog Writer’s role is to write, edit, post, and advertise the content on their websites or blog pages. They produce and pitch edits, make and edit posts, advertise posts towards their readers, and do comprehensive research. To flourish in this job, you must be focused on producing and creating attractive and informative content and widening your readership. Further, it will help if you are creative, analytical with great writing skills, adaptable, and have a unique voice.

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How to Effectively Write a Blog Writer Resume?

We gathered the best tips you can do to make your Blog Writer resume stand out. Make sure you follow all of them:

Add in the proper section of your Blog Writer resume
Do you think your blog is an excellent complement to your professional life? Then why don’t you add it in the Experience section of the resume? Give yourself a job title such as Digital Marketing Blogger and include the dates or years you have been blogging. Ensure you also add the exact name of the blog you have been writing for. It will help if you will hyperlink the blog on the resume, making it simpler for recruiters to find it and get a good sense of what it is all about. 

Include the essential skills 
At first glance, it may look like you haven’t learned anything valuable to your career from your blog. However, you will find a series of essential skills that many bloggers acquire. Those could apply to your career, particularly if you work in communications, media, or marketing.
·        Social Media 
Many businesses these days have an active online presence on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Your experience advertising on such platforms will make a big difference to hiring managers seeking multi-talented hires.
·        Writing 
This is obvious, but ensure you add it. Many jobs involve some sort of writing. Your writing skills will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.
·        Web Design 
Do you think your blog looks professional enough and likely put a huge deal of effort to make it look like that? Then that experience in formatting and web designing can come in handy.
·        Photoshop 
Many bloggers utilize this or other editing software to maximize the photos, which populate their blog posts. 

Add relevant statistics and numbers
One of the best ways to make your Blog Writer resume stand out from the crowd is to show your skills.  Did you know that the figures and numbers make it simpler for recruiters to assess your capabilities and confirm that you are capable of what you claim you are? For the blog, ensure you add key data like revenue produced, social media engagement levels, total traffic, and the number of articles you have published. So, are you ready to make your Blog Writer resume? Make sure you consider the tips mentioned above. If you are still in doubt, click the Create Resume button to help you make the best Blog Writer resume to land you in that job! 


Innovative Blog Writer with several years of experience working to create interesting, entertaining, and informative blog posts for my own personal website, as well as for the websites of clients. Adept at researching new topics, engaging audiences, and promoting brands and missions. Bringing forth a love of writing, combined with extraordinary networking skills and a desire to connect with others through writing.

Professional Experience

The Atlas Project
Jun, 2014 Aug, 2019
Blog Writer
  • Worked to communicate the mission of The Atlas Project via social media engagement. 
  • Managed all social media pages and create innovative blog posts to achieve reader satisfaction. 
  • Conducted research and monitored blog traffic patterns to assess the kind of content readers desired. 
  • Created and distributed a monthly newsletter with informative content. 
  • Engaged with blog visitors via comments and emails. 
Este Inc.
Feb, 2010 Mar, 2014
Social Media Content Manager
  • Researched and implemented winning social media strategies to increase viewership and fans. 
  • Utilized excellent communication and writing skills to develop topical and interesting stories and outreach initiatives. 
  • Collaborated with other department teams to identify useful content ideas and map out strategies. 
  • Developed and launched viral marketing campaigns, resulting in increased viewership and clients. 


favourite quote

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.



Wrote copy for company website covering all market
  • Created banners for the DTV site, mobile, and set-top-box platforms to promote DTV products and additional services, like streaming.
  • Collaborated with social media team to write copy for various social media campaigns promoted across all touchpoints (website, social, mobile, and email).
  • Synthesized complex technical data to create accessible and informative web pages about [company name] products and initiatives, like our sustainability page.
Delivered travel content through various channels
  • Published book: [company name]: A Journey from the American Dream to the End of the World; debuted #4 on Amazon.com in Adventure Travel.
  • Co-authored website drivenachodrive.com, nearly one million page views, plus syndication.
  • Handled the logistics to import and export a vehicle by container ship through 10 shipping ports.

Key Skills

Social Engagement Skills
Marketing Strategies
Advanced Writing Skills
Project management
Sales Strategies
Analytical Skills


Haitian Creole


Bachelor of Communications
New York Unicversity
Jul 2009 - Sep 2007
High School Diploma
Chappaqua High School
Aug 2005 - Mar 2007


Wesleyan - Coursera
Creative Writing Certification
Feb 2013
Four Levels Of Writing Mastery
Feb 2018


  • Playing Piano
  • Shopping
  • Rope Skipping
  • Camping
  • Comics
  • Cooking

Social Media

In 3 years

In the next 3 years I want to secure employment with a reputable company, where I can utilize my skills and business studies background to the maximum. Seeking a challenging career with an MNC.

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