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Architecture Graduate designs structures, including office buildings, factories, residential property, and apartment complexes. They make sure that all of these structures are functional, economical, and safe, which suits the client’s needs. Most of the time, architecture graduate work in an office, where they meet with new clients, work on cost estimates, draft plans, set up agreements with contractors, and file permit applications with the local building departments. 

One responsibility of architecture graduate is to lead or develop projects from scratch to design development, which is one of the most stressful parts of any building project. During planning and designing, they don’t take shortcuts and consider all important aspects down the road. Create your Architecture Student Resume by clicking on the "Use this Resume" button.

How to Write a Well Crafted Resume for Architecture Students?

Common duties of architecture students include preparing drawings and construction documents, consulting with clients, coordinating architectural studies for new structures and alterations, resolving design issues with practical solutions, and changing existing plans. It is also critical to have soft skills or other personal qualities to beat the odds and compete with other caliber applicants. Architecture students must possess a high level of creativity, visualization, verbal communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and active listening. But wait, there’s more! Architecture students must have a strong language proficiency, are able to produce 2D/3D design drawings, can handle various projects simultaneously, and act as a team player with a positive personality.

How to Write a Well-Crafted Resume for Architecture Students? 
Architecture students are required to pass a professional-looking resume before they get interviewed and hired in firms, business entities, and organizations. What makes a resume effective? How to compose a resume that best embodies you as an applicant? Read on for more information!

Develop a short and interesting executive summary for an Architecture Student resume
Hiring managers receive a pile of resumes from thousands of applicants, so they only spend a few seconds reading application documents. They focus on the executive summary, that’s why showcase your relevant working experience with conviction. A properly written summary catches the interest of human resource personnel to read your resume until the end.

Include your most relevant skills as an Architecture student in your resume
Yes, giving employers a brief background on your skills is essential. Do you have an eye for details, strong visual awareness, and fantastic drawing skills? Showcase these skills in your resume. If you care about your clients and are enthusiastic about structure construction, don’t forget to create a section of these soft skills in your resume. 

Add your accomplishments rather than the roles and responsibilities that match the Architecture student position
Have you done a dozen of building and designing projects? Are you currently taking up your doctorate degree in architecture? Have you undergone seminars and other activities for professional development? If yes, add these accomplishments in your resume. 


A budding Architect seeks an entry-level positions where talent and skills can be utilized to supervise architectural designs and boost efficiency. Seeking a challenging position at ABC Company to assist in testing and refining new building projects.


Borer Ltd
Aug, 2016 Jan, 2019
  • Worked on commercial buildings valued in the range of $15-50 million
  • Accomplished 2 Master-plans: Building Sustainability 2030, Office Space Challenges 2030
  • Developed building information models using Revit
Feb, 2013 May, 2014
Junior Architect
  • Created 2D drawings of floor plans, sections using AutoCAD
  • Used 3DS Max and VRay to render photorealistic visualizations for presentation and marketing purposes
  • Performed research for lead architect on specifications, materials, building codes


favourite quote

It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.

~Theodore Roosevelt


Prepared and modified architectural documents
  • Collaborated all discipline's 3d Revit models and drawings.
  • Created physical architecture models for presentation purposes.
  • Planned, organized and managed data schedule information to be created from Revit's model, while ensuring team members were complying within data outcome standards consistently.
Headed the interior project for an office
  • Gained hands-on experience of working on budgeting for commercial interior projects.
  • Inspected onsite workmanship of completed installation including punch list items.
  • Worked in a team of 4 architects and involved in redesigning interiors for a restaurant in New York.

Key Skills

Auto CAD
Building Designs
Construcion Management
Good Team Player
Multi Tasking




Architecture & Building Sciences
Delft University of Technology
Aug 2008 - Dec 2010
High School Diploma
Patrick's High School
Jul 2006 - Jan 2008


University of Cambridge
Postgraduate Certificate in IDBE
Oct 2018
Academy Class
Certification in Revit Architecture
May 2014


  • Adventure Sports
  • Pool
  • Table Tennis
  • Running
  • Social media
  • Dancing

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the next three years I want to see myself as a Mid Level Architect at a commercial facilities building company to realize my architectural design capabilities.

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