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An Agricultural Engineer is tasked with ensuring sound agricultural processes are in place and is relied upon to solve any issues that are related to agricultural production. This includes being able to design safe and efficient equipment for food processing. 
He is also looked on to ensure the elimination or reduction of soil erosion and its effects, as well as maintaining a healthy cropping cycle and crop rotation. He should be able to strategize on the best locations taking into consideration the availability of water supply and other matters that may be required in order to have a bigger yield with the least amount of crop mortality. Create your Agriculture Engineer Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to effectively write an Agricultural Engineer Resume?

You might have all the know-how in the field of agriculture, but it will be worthless if you cannot translate those achievements and accomplishments into words that can propel you to secure a job position. It is important that you can translate your knowledge and present it well on paper so that you will get hired. Here are some tips you can consider when writing your resume.
Make an impactful summary. Yes, it will be easy to drone on and tell chapters upon chapters, especially since you are an expert in the field. But you cannot expect a hiring manager to read a manuscript of all your achievements. A short but impactful summary that makes use of choice words is more appealing and would make the reader easily understand the details of the posts you have previously held.

Highlight any innovations you introduced to improve a system. Since the field of agricultural engineering requires continuous innovations and improvement, you may have had the opportunity to employ some new way of performing certain tasks that have positively affected your production and sales. It is important to include these if there are so that your employer will know that you are proactive and creative and that you are able to think of different ways to make tasks easier and better.

Include research conducted or papers published with a brief summary of its content. If you have authored papers or have done research on agricultural topics, be sure to add those to your list of achievements. Just make a short description of the study and your participation in its completion. This is particularly important because it will allow the prospective employer to see how you apply engineering principles in order to address agricultural issues. It will also inform them of the extent of your expertise and will thereby allow them to gauge if you are a perfect fit for the position.


Innovative Agricultural Engineer with a proven track record of identifying issues and achieving solutions to increase agricultural productivity. Adept in communicating with land owners and businesses regarding appropriate land treatment, soil conditions, and water quality. Experienced in repairing and improving crop facilities, and committed to achieving the highest level of client satisfaction possible.

Professional Experience

Halstead Engineers
Aug, 2016 Jun, 2019
Agricultural Engineer
  • Effectively tested a variety of mechanical and electrical systems on agricultural and construction equipment. 
  • Applied troubleshooting techniques where necessary.
  • Documented and communicated test results.
  • Worked independently and also alongside engineers. 

Frost Engineering Group
Jun, 2016 Sep, 2019
Agricultural Engineer
  • Collected and recorded data pertinent to project goals and ultimate agricultural productivity.
  • Consulted land-owners and businesses about the needs of complex agricultural systems.
  • Effectively utilized Engineering Strategies to address problems and improve efficiency and safety.
  • Successfully handled several construction upgrade and repairs.  
  • Worked to ensure budgets were followed and client satisfaction was achieved.   


favourite quote

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun.

~Albert Einstein


Demonstration project tasked with researching
Provided research support for investigations of the cause and effect relationships between soil and crop response, including field plot work and crop growth simulation modeling. Collected yield data and analyses on cooperators' farms and at USDA-ARS. Specify, acquire, and install combine-mounted yield monitors on cooperator combines.

Rose production operations
Drip and sprinkler irrigation. Human Resources Management overall supervision of the workforce on the field/crop production department. Development and maintenance of daily planting records. Development of weekly reports of field crop production activities.

Key Skills

Critical thinking skills
Engineering Strategies
Knowledge of Biological Science
Extensive Knowledge of Agriculture
Problem-solving skills
Network marketing




Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering
Michigan State University
Aug 2012 - May 2016
High School Diploma
Ann Arbor High School
Aug 2008 - May 2012


Certificate in Horticulture
Dec 2013
Certificate in Fish Farming
Aug 2015


  • Movies
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Zumba
  • Pool
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Playing Cards

Social Media

In 3 years

Three years down the line I want to see myself working in the same profession but at a senior level. I believe that this position will help me in learning and developing the desired skills and knowledge that will be required by me to get to that level.

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