Actuaries are the persons who analyze the data that involve financial costs of uncertainty and risk. They are the ones who have specialized skills in mathematics, statistics as well as financial theories, which help them in assessing the risks which may be brought by an event. One of their main roles in the finance industries is to develop and establish investment strategies in order to manage risks and to maximize the returns of investments or ROI. Also, in terms of insurance-related job, actuaries have many practice areas such as casualty, health, pension, health, and life.
Since they are good in risk analysis, they help and provide companies in creating policies to avoid risk, or if the risk has occurred, to reduce the cost of that risk. They are also the ones who are responsible for estimating and assessing the probability as well as the economic cost of an unexpected event such as a natural disaster, accident, death, or sickness. Other responsibilities of an actuary are recording statistical data and compiling it for further analysis, designing, testing, or administering insurance policies and other business strategies, drafting reports, charts as well as tables to explain calculations proposals, and other related financial activities. Create your Actuary Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write an Actuary Resume?

If you have been called for an interview after the submission of your resume, then you can say that you have written an effective resume. If you want this outcome, here is some advice for you to take in and remember when applying for an Actuary job.
Write a Great Summary for Actuary Resume
The summary section of a resume is usually at the beginning of the page. This usually expands what you have written in your resume headline. When writing a summary in a resume, you have to make it short and concise since you will be providing most of the details in the body of your resume. However, although your summary is short, make sure that you will include the necessary job experiences and skills that you have in order for your would-be employer to read further.
Showcase the Most Relevant Skills As Actuary in your Resume
Your skills are among the most important tools in convincing your would-be employer that you are the one for the job they are offering. In the case of actuary works, the necessary skills that most employers look for are analytical skills, communication skills, computer skills, interpersonal skills, mathematics skills, and problem-solving. Other common skills that you may have will also help in your application. But make sure to include only those which are related to the job description.
Mention your Accomplishment rather than the Roles and Responsibilities that match Actuary Job Position
Accomplishment is also one of the most significant factors in convincing your would-be employer. Your employer can determine your competence on the job through your accomplishment because this is what you have done personally using your skills. Thus, it is very important for you to mention your accomplishment rather than the roles and responsibilities that match the actuary job. 


Seasoned Actuarial Professional with solid grasp of insurance industry processes, practices and reporting requirements. Highly analytical and detail-oriented with systematic nature.

Professional Experience

Aug, 2017 Jan, 2020
Manager / Director, Actuarial Services
  • Provide technical support to the actuarial management group
  • Provide technical support to the Actuarial Management group
  • Provide business-results oriented analysis of technical (clinical or claims related) data and perform reserve and/or other valuation based services
KGMP Global
May, 2012 Jan, 2017
Executive, Actuarial, Life Actuarial
  • Assisting on transactions, working closely with our Transactions Advisory Services team to provide actuarial advice on buy-side due diligence
  • Moses Modelling
  • Supporting the insurance investments relationship between the Life Actuarial team and the Non-life and Pensions teams
  • Economic Value Management


favourite quote

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

~J.K. Rowling


Worked on the company's major business blocks
  • Performed a variety of quarterly and annual reserve financial reporting functions, including MA and NY state valuation filing.
  • Provided dedicated and valuable support to the annual audit and state examination.
  • Provided in force/claims data to and requested/reviewed reserve information from outside business partners pertaining to newly developed Accident & Health products.
Performed monthly life claim reserves,
  • Simplified monthly reporting by combining two large alfa models into one.
  • Enabled us to sell a business in the state of New York by working with a team to create and test parameters for a new system.
  • Contributed to allocating future department resources by analyzing the VM-20 regulation.

Key Skills

Specialized math knowledge
Keen analytical
Strong computer skills
Good business sense.
Project Management
Problem-solving skills




Master’s Degree in Actuarial Science
University of Antilia
Nov 2007 - Sep 2010
Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science
University of Arizona
Feb 2005 - Sep 2007


Scheme Actuary Certificate
Nov 2017
Acturial Certificates
May 2011


  • Pool
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Hockey
  • Fishing
  • Chess
  • Fashion

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Seeking a job in actuarial analyst you have problem solving skills for resolving business issues, statistics problem of the business.

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