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Reason for Job Change – 14 valid reasons to resign

There are circumstances when you want to leave your present job but don’t know how to communicate the reason for job change with your reporting manager. No more worries because this article will discuss the reason for the job change to help you move on to your next career.

Reason for job change

1. You want to pursue a new Career

As you acquire a new certification or degree, it is natural that you may want to pursue a new career. If you have a current healthy job situation, you can have an easy transition. Your current employer will understand your reason for change job. If you want to take another career related to your degree, make sure to maintain communication with your current employer.

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2. You don’t find your current job challenging

Another reason for the change of job is when you don’t find your current position challenging. You feel like you don’t feel the growth in your work. With this, you want to find something that can make you busy and helps you towards personal growth.

3. Major change in your life

You can also change your job if there is a major change in your life. For example, if you have a new baby or getting married, you can alert your boss beforehand about this specific change in your life.

4. You no longer enjoy your work

You can decide to change your work if you don’t enjoy it anymore in your roles and responsibilities. You want to try something new that can help you experience fun and enjoyment. If you love your work, it feels like you are not working. Since you love what you’re doing, you can have high motivation and enjoy more with your job. In addition, it can also help you to be more productive in your duties and responsibilities.

Hate Current Job

5. You feel like you’re ready for Job Change

If you work for a few years in your current job, you have the right to change your job. Maybe you gain enough knowledge and skills in your current job. That’s why you feel like you’re ready for change.

6. You change your career goals

You can also tell your current boss that you evaluate your career goals, and change is needed. For example, you want other goals in life to accomplish. Maybe you want to travel to treat yourself or want to pursue self-employment.

7. You decide to go back to study more

One best reason for change of job is when you want to go back to school. If you want to gain knowledge, skills and plan to acquire a new degree, it is a good decision to discuss it with your employer. You can tell your boss that you want to improve yourself by earning a new degree.

8. You need to settle some personal issues

One reason for the change of job is when you need to deal with some personal issues. It is a fact that family is important to us. With this, you need to sacrifice your job to handle your personal issues. This can be a reason to quit your job, especially if you need to take care of an ailing family member or needs personal attention.

9. If you need to relocate

Relocation can be a challenging and stressful circumstance. Since you need to relocate, it also means that you need to quit the job you love. Even though you love your current job, you need to change your job for your convenience. You can find another job in your new place.

10. When your family doesn’t support your current job

Tell your employer you want to leave your job in their company because your family doesn’t support your position.

11. If you don’t like to work overtime

If you don’t like to work overtime, it is time for you to search for another job. If you’re concern about your health or don’t have the capacity to work frequently over time, it is a good reason for job change. 

12. When your Personality is not suitable to the Culture of the company

It is important that you’re comfortable with what you’re doing. So, if you think that your personality is not suitable to the culture of the company, it is time for another job that you can enjoy.

13. You don’t like the working hours in your current job

If you don’t like the working hours in your current job, it is a good move to find another job. For example, if you have a little health issue and doesn’t want to work for longer hours, then you can tell your current employer that you’re going to leave their company.

14. Unfair treatment at your current company

If you feel like there’s unfair treatment towards you from your coworkers, then it is a wise decision to leave your job. You don’t deserve to stay in a toxic and unhealthy working environment. Even though your boss provides you with good treatment, but you don’t feel respect and fair treatment from your co-employees, it is time to move on to another job.

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In summary, there are many reasons to change your job. You can apply the tips mentioned above when you want to leave your current position. Meanwhile, you must maintain a good relationship with your current employer before you leave their company. You can help them to have an easy transition, so they can smoothly get a replacement for your position. Stay respectful and professional when you’re dealing with your job leaving process.

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