I had done my graduation BE in CSE from Chandigarh University 2021. I had good communication skill in Hindi or English both. I had developed a chat app messenger as final project in Bechelors. I am very hard working . I can easily adjust in team work , I can motivate my team members and develop a good working environment. I am committed to my work s I learned time boundaries and work ethics.I had also done an internship in a software company where I work as an analyst.Moreover I will be suitable for sales executive and Target completion based work.

Key Skills

Good commuy siill
0 Yrs
Business Negotiations
1 Yrs
Target Market Analysis
1 Yrs
Targeted Communications
5 Yrs
1 Yrs
Data Analytics
0 Yrs
SQL Database Management
0 Yrs
Data Structures
0 Yrs
1 Yrs
Managing Integrated Teams
1 Yrs
Project Team Acquisition
1 Yrs
Asset Management
1 Yrs


Jun 2020
Dec 2020
Associate Software Engineer
Neptune solution Chandigarh, IN
Working as a team member 
Timeline requirements needed for
Consistency or foccus
Meeting with wonderful minds
Working style or pattern observation.
Courage before work and dignity

Project Details

Dec 2019
May 2020
Project Manager
Chat app messenger
Its an amazing app , it is developed in Java and it also includes data base management for security purposes it is developed with encryption and decryption techniques only the sender and reader have the authority to see the content . App data base saves the information of users but in a form of encrypted indexes with particular user identity clone .As it was free for users though they got a good product without any cost and legal security policies for user privacy.
The lookout of the messenger is very user friendly with least and most important features are presented on main screen which was specifically customized for new generation user purpose requirements.


Jul 2016
Jul 2021
Bechelors of Engineering in Chandigarh University
Chandigarh University


Software analyst
Hardworking and working commitment. Never crossed the given date and time . Good working environment maker, always motivating others ,helps to new interns understanding work.


Failure is the result of your participation.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Learning new skills , technology lover


English, Hindi

Career Aspiration

I want to be a senior employee of the organization and with my contribution increase the level of company in market. At that position from where I can give advice to young employees which are gonna be the new members of the family.

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