Harish Gangannagari

Seeking employment for the position of [Profession Name]. Under my employment, the company can trust in my earned expertise not only in discovering tactical strategies but also entrust in providing the company with the guidance needed to enhance their digital presence further and meet their [Relevant] objectives. Investing years to specialize in the inner workings of the online world, my value and contribution as an employee rely on helping to voice the brand.

Key Skills

Quick learner
0 Yrs
Data analyst
0 Yrs
Communication Skills
0 Yrs

Professional Experience

Mar 2021
Jun 2021
Data Entry Specialist
Rainbow Guntur, IN
Rainbow data entry company
It was a good experience


May 2018
Apr 2022
B pharmacy in Bvrir
Apr 2003
May 2015
Ssc in Goutham model school

Hobbies & Interests

  • Reading books



Career Aspiration

I want me to see a very better position in your company

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