Farhana Ali

A highly passionate, hardworking English teacher with a focus on American literature and four years of teaching in a private school setting seeks a permanent teaching position

Key Skills

Stress Tolerance
9 Yrs
Hard working
10 Yrs
Decision Frameworks
9 Yrs
Influencing & Motivation Techniques
5 Yrs

Professional Experience

Jul 2019
Mar 2020
Teaching Specialist
Iit institution Mumbaj, IN
I have 2 years of experience as a social studies teacher in IIT academic, also 11-12 commerce teacher in Secretarial practice, economics, Organization of commerce.


May 2018
May 2021
Bachelor in Royal College
Mumbai University


Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.



Career Aspiration

Hopefully I will become a great teacher over the years, someone the students will remember in good means, like someone who had a good impact on them. I see myself as a good role model for many children, ideally working at this school

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