How to write a resignation email while maintaining a cordial relationship with the current employer?

As a working professional, there are times when you think you need to change your career. You want something new wherein you can work happily and meet new challenges so you can progress as a person and as a professional.

Meanwhile, leaving your current career for a new one can be challenging. You need to write a resignation mail to your boss or HR department.

Resignation Email
A lot of employees are at a loss of words when it comes to writing a resignation email.

Do you know how to write resignation mail? This article will help you.

Writing A Resignation Email

You must sound professional in your resignation mail, so follow these steps to make sure of that.

1. Intent to resign

As you write a resignation mail, you must include your intent to resign along with reason, if possible. It would leave a good impression on your current employer if you give them a clear reason for your resignation.

2. Date of last working day

Aside from the description of your intent to leave, you can also provide the date of your last working day. The HR manager can then work with your reporting manager to find a suitable replacement for your position.

It is advisable that you give your current employer at least 30 days notice, or as per your appointment letter. Make sure to maintain a cordial relationship with the employer at all times.

3. Provide assistance during the transition

Your resignation mail must assure your reporting manager that you would provide the required assistance during the transition period. Assure that you would train your replacement well enough so that the work wouldn’t suffer in your absence.

4. End your resignation mail on a positive note

Share with your employer how you have grown as a professional while working in your current company. Share how grateful you are for the opportunity given to you and that you would always cherish the good times spent with colleagues.

You may name your reporting manager and other colleagues who helped you in the current company and whom you admire for their work ethics, professionalism, knowledge and camaraderie.

Resignation Mail Format

The following is a resignation mail format that can guide you.

  • Dear (followed by the first name of your supervisor)
  • Statement about your resignation (provide information about your intent to resign)
  • Last day of employment (include the date of your last day of work)
  • Gratitude statement (show your gratitude on working with your team and for your experience)
  • Provide assistance with the transition (offer help for the transition like recruiting or training the replacement)
  • Closing and your signature (you now close your mail, and use phrases like “thank you for everything”, “best wishes,” and more. Then, include your name and signature.

Sample of Resignation Mail

Dear John,

I would like to express my intent to resign from GY Inc as I would like to pursue an opportunity with another company. My last day will be on [Insert final day of work] i.e. 30 days from today. I am thankful that I became a part of your good company. I appreciate all my valuable experiences while working with you.

Please inform me of how I can help with the transition. I would be happy to train my replacement during the transition period.

[Insert your name]

Now that you have learned about the format of writing a resignation mail, you can write it to your employer.

More Tips on Writing a Resignation Mail

The following are other tips that you can apply to write a well-written resignation mail.

Make it positive

Whatever the reason for your resignation is, make sure to use a positive tone. You must keep on good terms with your boss and your team.

Keep your resignation mail brief

If you plan to resign in your company, make it simple and brief. You can professionally provide the important details. You must also express your good intention for the company. For example, you can use phrases like “I wish you all the best.”

Offer to help your manager with the replacement and transition

Once you submitted your formal resignation letter, your employer can have a transition plan. With that, you must follow the instructions of your employer to have a smooth transition. You can have a chance to finish your tasks and give your team members a goodbye note.

With these tips, you can leave your company with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should you not include in your resignation mail?
A: Your resignation mail must be formal. It should not include critics and complaints regarding your other co-workers or employer. You can include facts, make it simple, and never complain.

Q: Is resignation mail important?

A: Yes, writing a resignation mail is important. It can be a professional courtesy to make a resignation letter. With this, you can have good closure with your employer. More importantly, the HR department will have a record of your time and other important things with the organization.

Q: What language to use when writing a resignation mail?

A: As you write your resignation mail, you need to use professional language. Don’t use harsh and vulgar words. Show respect and don’t complain.

Q: What can you include in your resignation mail?

A: In writing a resignation mail, you can include your statement of resigning from the company, your last day of employment, your expression of gratitude, important details, or your willingness to help for transition, closing, and your name and signature.

Q: What are the main reasons for writing a resignation mail?

A: There are lots of reasons why a worker may write a resignation mail. Some want to take a new career opportunity. Some resign due to family reasons, relocation and medical problems, and more. Regardless of the reason for the resignation, it is important to submit a professional one.

Q: When should you send your resignation mail to your employer?

A: You must send your resignation mail ahead of time so that your transition is smooth. Additionally, you can inform your team earlier.


To sum it up, if you want to look for new job opportunities, you must first learn to write a professional resignation mail. It is essential to have a respectful closure with the company that you are affiliated with. Moreover, you can smoothly find another career without having a bad impression on your past employer.

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