What is the difference between CV, Resume and Biodata?

Most people get confused between CV and Resume. Some even wrongly conclude that both terms probably refer to the same document. This is the reason why this article is among the most viewed articles among our blogs.

To begin with, CV and Resume are two distinctly different terms. The terms also change with geography as some countries prefer to use CV while some use a resume.

Another term used in South Asian countries is Biodata (which we will get to later). We have tried to tabulate the stark differences of CV and Resume in this beautiful infographic below.

CV vs Resume and which format is better for you.

Infographic - CV vs Resume vs BioData
Infographic – CV vs Resume vs BioData

Now let us try to understand the third aspect of this comparison, the Biodata!

Several countries have started using Resume and CV interchangeably, so keep it crisp and relevant to the job opening.

What is a Biodata?

It is an abbreviation for the term Biographical Data. It runs from 1 to 3 pages roughly. Biodata acts as a personal profile of a person and consists of factual information that helps the candidate apply for the desired job.

When it comes to South Asian countries (such as India and Bangladesh), in some cases, the Biodata acts as a replacement or a supplement to the Resume and CV.

In these countries, Biodata can also be used for Temporary Employment opportunities, specific skilled labour jobs and also for the purpose of marriage matchmaking.


Now that we are clear with the differences of Resume, CV and Biodata, it is time to start making that perfect resume that will stand out.

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